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soul sessions!

 soul sessions:

 giving your life

 vision a turbo boost

  How do you see yourself? Vision is the creator

  of dreams, doubt - the creator of none. Our

  thoughts play a huge role in the way that we

  perceive the world and the stories we tell

  ourselves about that world, and our place within

  it. What if every morning, you could look at a

  picture and see yourself as you want to

  be? The image then becomes a sort of

  "vision-board," a powerful tool for personal

  growth, goal setting, and ultimately the

  manifestation of your desires. Who do you

  want to see when you look at yourself in the

  mirror? Let's photograph you like that!

  How it works: Photos help us to believe, and

  what we believe we find evidence of. Having a

  photograph that honors you and your desires,

  will remind you everyday of who you are and

  who you are growing into, and what you are

  working toward. The images are a visual aid to

  stimulate focus, and to motivate you to take

  steps toward your goals.

  What "stories" keep you from embodying your full

  and desired life? What stories inspire and excite

  you? Which do you want to continue to carry

  forward? Together we can do "story" work, or if

  you prefer, we can get right to shooting your




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        images by Marsia Shuron

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Soul Sessions'


in the Mirror

Women do you see the Goddess in the mirror? Or do you look for the imperfection in the reflection? This photo session is for women who want to stand in their fullness and own their feminine power. Do you see the Goddess in the mirror? Let's photograph her, and you will forever be reminded of who you always are. A Goddess! 

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1.) High school: capture this special time

2.) Elders: portraits to remember


Love is Beautiful.


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Babies and children of all ages.

be who you want to be!

Set your Soul free and “Be Who You Want To Be!” A special photo session designed to capture you, as you say you are!